What we offer

Language Exchange Meetup (DLT)
Our weekly language exchange meetup is targeted at international as well as local university students. This platform offers everybody the chance to get to know more people from Germany and around the world in order to gain more language practice through conversation. The meeting is a good addition to language courses, but cannot replace them (at least A1 required)! Quite the opposite, here, language learners have the opportunity to regularly practice their language speaking skills in a pleasant atmosphere with interesting conversation topics, fun icebreaker and language games. It’s definitely worth a try, because after all “practice makes perfect”.

Weekend trips
One or two times per semester we organise a weekend trip for you. Together with other international and German students, you can visit interesting big cities around Germany. It’s a great way to learn more about German culture, people & places and to just have fun. 

STEP Events
Every semester we organise different evening events such as wine-tastings, game evenings, cooking evenings, pub crawls and so on. In addition, every now and then, we offer one-day trips to close by cities such as Heidelberg or Trier and also visit wine festivals, amusement parks, and other interesting places in our region.

In case of inquiries about events or suggestions for future events, do not hesitate to contact us at: step(at)wiwi.uni-kl.de

For Incomers
For Outgoers